Radio Play aftermath

The mystery of the Body in St Helens Library has been solved! On a dark (but not stormy) night a group of amateur detectives and fans of detective fiction came gathered in St Helens Library after hours for a classic reconstruction of the crime. Would be sleuths who have been following the story through the three ACTS online got to come to see the evidence and clues in person to put their theories to the test.
The talented voice actors of St Helens brought the story to live with the final dénouement. The lights were turned off, like the night of the murder but that didn’t stop the actors performing. Thanks to (left the right in photo) Luke, Steve, JB, Marion and Vicki for acting.

After hearing from the suspects gathered back at the scene of the crime, we had a short break where the audience were asked to put forward their own theories about who the murderer was and why. Please to say TWO people guessed right and for the right reasons!
The radio play will be online soon, alongside a short film. Take a look at the photos from the event while we edit the audio.


ACT IV – Live Radio Play

The Body in St Helens Library Live Radio Play

6th November, Thursday from 7:30 – 9pm.
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For the past three weeks, Shane Greenall and Kirstie James have been busy trying to get to the bottom of the murder of Paul Astley. Shane is a reporter for the St Helen’s Express, and has an open desk in the library every Thursdays. Born and raised in St Helens, he’s recently come back to his hometown after more than a decade stint down South. Kirstie is a young local single mum, and a frequent user of the library. She wants to make sure her three year old son, Hilton gets the best education he can. They usually never missed Read & Rhyme.

crime board

Kirstie and Shane have teamed up to get to the bottom of this mystery and in the last three weeks have started putting the pieces together. Go down to Central Library to check it out, and see if you can match wits with the killer.

Come down on the 6th of November to hear a Live Radio play when they invite all the suspects back to the scene of the crime…